Gilgamesh Wilderness

In 2021, Saddle Road Press will be publishing my hybrid collection Gilgamesh Wilderness, which I am finishing now.

After cutting off one’s hair, rending one’s clothes, covering oneself in ash, donning a lion skin and walking barefoot into the wilderness – what then? The madness of grief, and what it is we’re walking towards.

Here’s the (draft) cover, with thanks to SRP designer Don Mitchell, whose beautiful photograph we also used:


Some published work from the collection:

Landscape with Dead Beloved
Songs for the Dead Beloved

This Dream is About You
Black Dog in a Wash of Greengold
Ghost Walk with Dead Beloved


*Have you read The Epic of Gilgamesh? You must. Here’s the Maureen Kovacs translation, which I love best for preserving the stone-tablet caesuras honestly – which makes you fill them yourself.

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