In 2020, Saddle Road Press will be publishing my collection of hybrid prose-poetry Gilgamesh/Wilderness, which I am finishing now.
These are the poems that happen after Enkidu* dies; after cutting off one’s hair, rending one’s clothes, covering oneself in ash, donning a lion skin and walking barefoot into the wilderness.
These are poems about the madness of grief, and what it is we’re walking towards.
Here’s the (draft) cover, with thanks to SRP designer Don Mitchell, whose beautiful photograph we also used:

Some published work from the collection:
Landscape with Dead Beloved
Songs for the Dead Beloved
This Dream is About You
Black Dog in a Wash of Greengold
Ghost Walk with Dead Beloved


*Have you read The Epic of Gilgamesh? You must. Here’s the Maureen Kovacs translation, which I love best for preserving the stone-tablet caesuras honestly – which makes you fill them yourself.

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