Kitsune: forthcoming from Finishing Line Press’ New Women’s Voices Series

Just received delightful word that Kitsune was selected as one of the top ten manuscripts in the New Women’s Voices contest, so it will be published soon as part of Finishing Line Press‘ New Women’s Voices Series.

Poems from Kitsune have been published in The Naugatuck River Review (“Letting Go of a Man at the Montague Book Mill” is in Issue 8 – and, edited to add: nominated for a Pushcart Prize – thank you NRR!), The Montucky Review (you can read “Save Sweetness” online), and Meat For Tea (“Enter the Dragon” and “Prayer” appear in the Tisane issue).

I’ll be sharing news and other goodies here and on Facebook as the book becomes available.

Along with Raven and Coyote (working on these), Kitsune is one of three short collections that will soon complete a triad called Tricksters Make Inconstant Lovers. I’ll leave it up to the publishers to decide whether to call these things chapbooks, short collections, a trilogy, (the elegant but slightly pompous Briticism) slim volumes, or “Bill.”

It’s very different, in some central ways, from what I usually do – I know, I know: myths, animals, Classics – what’s different? Stepped outside my own lines on this one, though. I’ll say more about the departure from some of my usual rules in a different post, because it might be interesting.

The collection is a narrative passage through the kind of catastrophic love affair that is more possession than sustenance, using ancient fox myths and the (loose) structure of Classical Greek tragedy to evoke the archetypal while each poem opens up the immediate and personal in what I hope is a visceral, inescapable way.

Some risky writing, but it appears to have done exactly what I asked it to do. And I’m glad to share it.

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