New interviews, reviews about Kitsune:

NY Journal of Books:

“The poems have in common not only their theme of a romance figured forth as a mythic possession, but also their shape from classical Greek drama…presenting in strong and lyrical lines the plaint of the fox’s baffled victim, when she describes in the poem ‘Unshakeable’ “something very like love/but harder to escape.”
Occasionally we are offered also the fox’s own perspective on human love, which is as strange and ultimately inaccessible to him as he is to his victim.
These poems tend to complicate the mythic dynamic of the possessor and possessed.
I cannot think of another work quite like Ms. Smyth’s, embracing both the cerebral and the emotional, fastidiously observing both what is within and without.
In a world inundated with every manner of verse, it is a book worth reading.”

* * *
A very kind “I finished this chapbook and promptly died of jealousy” post on Tiny Cat Pants!

“…reminded me of The Pillow Book. Like there’s a kind of detached framing and then each poem kind of plunges you right into a dramatic, emotional moment.
It’s so good. Can I just quote you a lovely part?

everything, everything for me has conspired

to make of me a person of no

and by sheer vexed stubbornness I am determined

to continually say yes, yes, come closer, yes

Christ, it’s all that matters

–somehow it’s the language of everyday, but slightly skewered.”

Missed this one at the time, somehow – I love seeing how people respond to it.
* * *
Lori Desrosiers, editor of Naugatuck River Review, asked me some wonderful questions about the wee book, coming out soon now from Finishing Line Press’ New Women’s Voices Series (May 31st!).
You can read the interview here: Lori Desrosiers’ Poetry Blog: A Conversation with Jessamyn Smyth on her chapbook, “Kitsune”
Many thanks to Lori for her unflagging celebrations of poets and poetry, and for being one of the first to publish from this collection: “Letting Go of a Man at the Montague Book Mill” first appeared in NRR, and the journal also nominated the poem for a Pushcart Prize.
I spoke with Lori about her own beautiful new book here.
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