The Skaha essay series is finally a book!

skaha cover image


After having a spinal injury rebuilt in titanium, the author negotiates a tough rehab Рand remaining disabilities Рby setting big goals: first to swim a mile race in Boston Harbor at six months, then to complete the Skaha Ultra Distance 11.8K lake swim in British Columbia at 17 months post-op. Literary sports writing constructed of hybrid essays, and also medical/disability memoir, SKAHA explores what mettle/metal really means in this our embodied condition.

~ ~ ~

Because digital art is an integral part of what went into the series, print costs are higher than for text alone: I made this book available directly through a Print On Demand (POD) publisher as a result, to make it more accessible to readers. POD books are only printed when you buy them, which means no warehousing or ‘unsold’ costs to the publisher – it’s often too expensive for a small press to make image-intensive books, so hooray for Lulu. They do a great job.

There are two options:

SKAHA – softcover edition, on high quality paper (16$USD)

SKAHA – hardcover collector’s edition! on highest quality paper (55$USD)


Enjoy, and may this work literally en-courage you in whatever impossibilities you eat for breakfast.

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